Older Women Younger Man Phonesex Fantasy

So many of my callers have a fetish for an older woman who lusts after younger men, and I am the perfect yummy mommy to make it come true!
Phonesex Mommy
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Want to hear all about the latest gangbang that I was the star of, that was so naughty, and ended up with me taking on five college boys?
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Or do you need a mommy?
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We can go shopping, out for lingerie, and you can see your hot mom sliding into pantyhose, high heels, push up bra, little g string, all the things that make you rock hard, and enjoy the view as I run my hands up and down my body, straightening my stockings, pushing up my big tits, bending over to see how my thick ass looks from behind, makes you want to call me for milf phonesex, doesn’t it?
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