Incest Phonesex Mommy

Taboo Phonesex
When you are as horny as I am, with a husband who is a great provider but always traveling for his very successful business, you have to get creative to satisfy all your taboo cougar fantasies.
And my friends, who are all about looking sexy as hell but just play at being a horny MILF, would be shocked if thy knew that this hot mom was indulging in the very thing they’ve always secretly wanted to do, but would never dare.
Yes, I’m an incest mommy, a sexy horny cougar who loves her boys, isn’t ashamed of it, and is horny enough to spread her affection around to all her sons’ friends, too ;).
I’m sure all my friends have thought about it, fantasized about mommy son couplings, because once a woman gets to be a certain age, she gets horny as fuck, and craves young hard cock.
And face it, what mommy hasn’t walked in on her teen age son jerking off?
And like everything else that mommy does, she secretly wants to help her baby boy finish!
Just the sight of that hard young cock with some stolen from the hamper dirty panties wrapped around it is enough to make this dirty mommy cream her silky undies.
Stroke it for Mommy, baby boy!
The difference between me and very other horny cougar in suburbia, is that this incest mommy does what others only fantasize about.
Being the horny mommy that I am, when I hear that familiar sound of fapping, I plan just what to do.
I’ll accidentally on purpose keep interrupting my son’s masturbation session, I know he’s jerking his cock fo mommy, and give him an eyeful of my tits, my ass, my long legs.
And just when I hear him getting close to orgasm, mommy comes in to his bedroom again, making him edge for me, because nothing like a little gooning phonesex session to drive a young man wild, is there?
And well, while I was teasing him, this incest mommy was also teasing myself, the next time I went in there and saw that hard young cock, I just had to give him a helping hand!
Of course, mother son incest is a forbidden taboo, but there’s something about it that just does it for this horny cougar, I don’t think anything else has made me cum as hard lately.
Mommy Son Phonesex isn’t every man’s fetish, but if it is, why not give me a call?
We can swap mother son love stories, or you can tell me your incest fantasies, and I promise, I’ll tell you all of mine!
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