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Cuckold Phonesex
I am in an amazing mood, want to know why?
Like many others who are married and cheating, I signed up for a few online dating (anonymous hook up) sites, and matched pretty fast with not just one, but many men that had definite potential!
I may be a GILF, but even as a MILF, even as a young Mommy, I had an absolutely insatiable sex drive, I’ve cuckolded all my lovers, and now that I am no longer in the position of worrying about getting knocked up, let the good times roll!
There is nothing better than pouring a glass of chardonnay, kicking back when the house is finally quiet, and taking the time to savor the interracial phonesex possibilities of all the bbc before me!
I prefer to go out and see if there’s chemistry between me and a hook up, sometimes I just have to have a quickie, nothing like a zipper less fuck, but there has to be a baseline of attraction, don’t you agree?
My swipes lately have been younger, and there’s no shortage of younger men who want an experienced GILF, I’ve always been a nurturing teacher, bring on the young BBC!
I picked the one who lived far enough away that I wouldn’t run into him without planning on it, but close enough to make him apart of my regular stable of bulls if he was something special.
He was even more delicious in person, first year of grad school so early twenties, had the hard athletic body I preferred in my bulls, there was a definite attraction between this cuckold phonesex MILF and young black man.
A few drinks, some stimulating conversation, a walk for an ice cream (what can I say, I love chocolate in every form), and we were at the point in our date where we would have a nice ending or a happy ending, and for this cuckold phonesex MILF, I always choose the latter!
Being a grad student, of course he had roommates, but we had the living room to ourselves, and made out on the couch like I hadn’t made out with anyone in years!
Kissing, touching, feeling, and I loved the feel of a big black cock right against my thigh, every time my body moved, he groaned into my mouth and got even harder!
I’ve been fucking men and fucking them well since before he was born, you bet your ass that I know how to please a man, but even more important, how to teach a man to please me!
The two of us couldn’t keep our hands off each other, as we stumbled groped all but ran to his bedroom, and would you like to hear all about what happened next?
I’ll give you a bit of a hint, I had someone secretly watching us from behind a slightly cracked bedroom door, I think I know what young big black cock I am going to fuck next!
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