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My very sexy son in law has been doing the honey do list around my house, and he doesn’t seem to know that I have a security system that records his every move.
So far, I’ve seen him go through my dirty laundry hamper and sniff my panties and bras, rub my silky stockings against his face and cock, and lately, he’s been obsessed with my shoes.
My daughter has always teased that he married her to be close to me, and yes, I think so too, my daughter is attractive (she gets it from her Mamam), but my son in law has a MILf fetish, he’s always letting his eyes linger on my tits, ass, and thick curves.
Can you blame him?
Nothing hotter than a MILF in heat.
Now, my daughter went out for a girls weekend, and I told her, not a good idea, my son in law is a very attractive man and needs a lot of female attention, but she just laughed and went on her wild weekend.
I invited my son in law osver to his favorite mother in law’s house for a few glasses of wine, and I drank a little too much, because I kept teasing him with my stocking feet in high heels, sliding in and out of those stillettos, his eyes glued to the pretty feet that star in his foot fetish fantasies, and when I accidentally showed him my titties, I thought he was going to cum right then and there!
Before my son in law knew what hit him, I had him on his knees, worshipping my toes, legs spreading so he got a full money shot of the mature cunt, and you know what happened next?
Can’t give it all away, baby, call me!
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